In 1902 Charles Henry Howorth a Civil Engineer and Artist Built a Triple Brick Tudor style manor at 51 Herbert Street Invercargill, New Zealand’s southern most city.

Although officially Edwardian in architecture, the house retains many late Victorian features, because of the length of time it took to get building materials shipped from England.

We purchased the house in 1987 and began restoration in 1997. Using our research and photographs sourced from previous owners and historic archives we have been able to restore the exterior of the house to its original state including a replica clay tile roof from the original French design.

The Interior of the house has been returned to period finish as much as possible using materials sourced mainly from Dunedin

Charles Henry Howorth (1856-1945)

C.H. Howorth was a prominent member of Southland society around 1880 to 1910.

Howorth was a co-founder of the first Southland Art Society formed in 1893. He was a civil Engineer for the Southland County Council 1880 to 1905. In 1898 Howorth designed the Clifden Suspension Bridge near Tuatapere. The bridge opened on the 5th April 1899 is now a Registered Historic Site. Howorth’s paintings are displayed in all the major museums and art galleries through out New Zealand.